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Help us, help them!

You can make a difference in
many ways!

Be a part of the process of building the

family center!

We believe that no child should ba abandoned. Every child should have the right to a family and a secure environment. This is the reason that we are building the family center in Bobikuma - for children's right to grow up safe but also the right to a bright future.

In December 2019 we finally started the construction. 

Make a difference julklapparNY5.jpg

This picture gives you an idea of how the family center will be structured.

Choose what specific product or part of the center that suits your company the best. 

Package small

From 5.000kr 

You contribute with: 10 sq of roof, 10 small windows or 5 doors.


What you'll get: A diploma, banner with logo on our website as well as good karma.

Package big

From 65.000kr

You contribute with: One room, example a bedroom, the kitchen or common area.

What you'll get: Everything in the medium Christmas package as well as being invited to the family center in Ghana and experience the work on site. We arrange a trip to Ghana with a program for you where we will assist you on booking of flights, ackommodation etc.

You are responsible for your own costs. 

And of course: good karma,

Package medium

From 25.000kr 

You contribute with: A bathroom or a third of the kitchen area.


What you'll get: Everything in the small Christmas package, a banner on our website, the company's logo in the family center and a post on our social media of your contribution.

As well as good karma.

Doors 1.000kr/each

2 out of 65 doors

Sponsored by Fjällmaraton Vemdalen

Small windows 500kr/each


14 out of 80 small windows

Sponsored by

Pyret Östberg

Henrik "Lenny" Larsson 

Big windows 1.000kr/each


5 out of 55 big windows

Sponsored by Plåkåtan Åre

Vintrosa Logga.jpg

Support us with a donation.

By purchasing a gift card you are donating to people in need with supply, as well as giving families a brighter future in Bobikuma, Ghana. 

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